Reiki Second Degree

The Reiki Second Degree Training builds on the energy healing process taught in the First Degree Training.  The Initiate is required to wait two to three months before moving on to the Second Degree Reiki training.  The wait is required so that the student is able to practice and integrate all that was learned in the First Degree Training, increasing their confidence.  Second Degree Reiki will give you additional techniques to incorporate into a session and the ability to practice Absentee or Distant Reiki.

Prerequisite: First Degree Reiki
Five full Reiki sessions with documentation
Regular Reiki self-sessions
Tuition:           $299.00
Class Hours: 11    Credit Hours for licensed massage therapists:  11

Reiki Second Degree Training includes:

  • Receiving the Second Degree Reiki Attunement
  • A 60 transfer of Reiki from teacher to student
  • Works on the mental and emotional aspects of a person’s being
  • An overview of the Second Degree Reiki energy
  • Learning the form and use of three Reiki symbols
  • Absentee Reiki-sending Reiki at a distance
  • Two ways of assessing the flow or lack of flow of energy
  • Using the Aura Video Station to evaluate energy flow and energy distortions
  • Several more hand positions for specific uses
  • The Business of Reiki:  Guidelines for setting up your Reiki practice
  • Supervised practice time-Giving and receiving a session incorporating all new material
  • A two to three hour required practice session on another day or evening.  This session will focus on integrating all additional hand positions and techniques learned in Second Degree Reiki.
  • Proficiency exam


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  • "This experience has been very profound for me. If Reiki is in your path, you could not have chosen a better school or a more qualified, helpful, thoughtful, loving and caring teacher as Heidi, to learn from!"
    Karen Marie Gibby - Jackson, NJ