Break Free 12 Week Self Healing Program

Break free from stuck energies, self- imposed limitations, self-sabotage, traumatic experiences, and start to live the life you were meant to. Many people want to learn Reiki, but they don’t want to work on other people. The goal of this program is to learn Reiki and other processes to help you heal yourself, raise your vibration and keep it high. This Program consists of 12 Classes that meet every week for 1-2 hours. You receive a Reiki Attunement each month. You will also receive an Aura/Chakra scan at the beginning of the program and at the end of the program. Here is the weekly class agenda:


  1. Energy Responsibility/Connect to your Higher Presence and Divine Helpers
  2. Level 1 Attunement, Energy, Energetic System, Reiki, Self-Reiki
  3. Meditation and Mindfulness
  4. Healthy Diet
  5. Processes for Releasing Limiting Beliefs
  6. Level 2 Attunement, Symbols, Assessing Energy, Distance Reiki
  7. Nature, Crystals and Essential Oils
  8. Inner Child Work, Working with the Shadow
  9. Raising your Vibration and Keeping your Frequency High
  10. Advanced Attunement, Beaming and Scanning, Symbol
  11. Manifesting the Life of Your Dreams
  12. Belief in Miracles and the Universe/Questions

If you are struggling in any way, shape or form, this is a great program. Whether you are trying to heal a trauma or feel you are lacking direction, this program offers so many tools to help you redirect your mindset and find yourself on the path of the life you're meant to live. -KS

I took this program because I knew how important and critical it was and I needed a BIG change in my life. This directly improved the way I operate and experience everything. I am so glad I did. This has changed my life forever and I have met several amazing people who are very committed. Loved every minute of it! -ND

Claim your life truly for the first time in its wholeness as it was always meant to be.

Next Program starts on: Please call 732-554-1177 or email if you are interested.

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  • "This experience has been very profound for me. If Reiki is in your path, you could not have chosen a better school or a more qualified, helpful, thoughtful, loving and caring teacher as Heidi, to learn from!"
    Karen Marie Gibby - Jackson, NJ