Advanced Reiki

The Advanced Reiki training is for those that would like to strengthen their healing capability but do not wish to teach Reiki.  The Advanced Reiki class gives you a Reiki Master’s ability to channel one hundred percent of the Reiki energy.  It deals primarily with the spiritual aspect of a person’s being giving you the ability to work with all dimensions of the person.

Prerequisite:  First and Second Degree Reiki training
                    20 Full table Reiki sessions with documentation
                    10 Absentee Reiki sessions with documentation
                    Continued Reiki self-sessions
Tuition:            $349.00
Class Hours: 11      Credit Hours for licensed massage therapists:   11

Advanced Reiki training includes:

  • Receiving the Masters Level Attunement and Power Symbol
    A 100% energy transfer from teacher to student
     Reiki works primarily on the spiritual dimension of a client's being
  • Advanced Reiki energy techniques called Beaming & Scanning
  • Learning to do an energy scan with the Aura Video station (you will be scanned by another student and will receive a report)
  • Multi-tasking Absentee Healing
  • Working with your Spiritual Guides
  • The effects of Reiki energy on various dimensions of the physical body and energy
  • Other ways of diagnosing and perceiving energy
  • Ways to nourish and expand your energy
  • Reiki Meditation exercises
  • Additional hand positions
  • Supervised practice for beaming and scanning and also a practice session integrating the new techniques and hand positions.
  • A two to three hour required practice session on another day or evening.  This session will focus on integrating all additional hand positions and techniques learned in the Advanced Reiki training.
  • Proficiency exam


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  • "This experience has been very profound for me. If Reiki is in your path, you could not have chosen a better school or a more qualified, helpful, thoughtful, loving and caring teacher as Heidi, to learn from!"
    Karen Marie Gibby - Jackson, NJ